CHU  LAI  6/67-8/67
In June, 1967 the Brigade departed Tay Ninh, and moved north to Chu Lai, located 56 miles south of
Da Nang on the South China Sea. The 196th became part of the Americal Division
Through the efforts of the 175th engineers and elements of the 588th and 65th Engineer Battalions,
we were able to enjoy a life of relative comfort on the Tay Ninh, base camp. By the time we departed
for Chu Lai, the base camp was already sporting a massive logistical complex, and a large community center which boasted a post office, outdoor theater, chapel and entertainment center
Short Timers Party
First Sgt. White gets his first dip in the S. China Sea
Yost              Depover           Fritz
Yost                    Lococo             Depover
Paul Cote
Sam Lococo
Beach Patrol
Young         Brown             Yost                 Patterson              Walters
Depover                                Yost
Depover                     Yost                Lococo
175th Equipment arriving in Chu Lai
Sgt. Cruz
Sgt. Cushman
Richard Walter
Lt. Dennis Saliny           Lt. Berni Isom
Captain Thomas
1st Sgt. White             Sgt. Cruz