R@R Brotherton saigon Continental PalaceGary Hunt Saigon Palacefuneral  almost a daily precession outside our base campour outhouse being delivereddown town Tay Ninh 1966brick factoryNui Ba Den Mountain On the way back from the Laterite pit to our base campHillerLan,  worked at the laterite pit .
Her radiant smile greeted us as we entered this area
Lan, always had fresh fruit and ice cold coke to refresh us from the heat of the day.
For a few moments I would forget I was in a war zoneI will never forget Lan's, kindness, smile and friendship.Lan's familyLanLan at the laterite pit where we got our dirt to build our roads for the base campLan, next to the ice coolers for cokefishing the overflow rivers from the monsoon rainsgarbage dumpgarbage dumpTay Ninh,  down townSam Lococo  down town Tay NinhBrotherton
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