Unloading  in Vung Tau,Vietnam 8/15/66
Tay Ninh, 96 Kilometers N/W of Saigon, was known
as "Rocket City" due to the rain of 122mm rockets
directed at the Base Camp.

From the shores of  Vung Tau, we were loaded on trucks, to C-130's  which transported  us to Tay Ninh.
This is our first day in Tay Ninh, our home for the next  9 months.
The only man made thing on base camp was the airstrip.
seasickness  was all around
The 196th Light Infantry Brigade comes ashore, in Vung Tau, August 15,1966
August 15, 1966
Eric Reed   Mike Hiller   WHAT'S THIS PLACE CALLED ?
196th L.I.B. coming ashore in Vung Tau
No Place to Hide
No place to go
196th Yearbook
ant hills we blew up with C4
Roger Duchenes