TAY NINH  pg. 11
3rd Platoon laying a foundation
Making it look like the green, green grass of home.
Sgt. White, may have been the first to grow grass in Vietnam
Deschenes and Patterson
Hauling in lumber to build bunkers kits for the brigade
Lumber yard   Richard Walter
Sgt. Long      Raab                       Sgt. Cruz                assembling  bunker kits
Post Exchange   In the background  Tay Ninh, Hospital
8th Support Battalion Co. and 45th Surgical Hospital
Water Towerst.
Fuel Storage Tanks
School Teacher  at Tay Ninh
School House
This is what the inside of our tents look like
A mine that Walter's truck ran over but lucky for him it didn't detonate
Joseph Cobert    Richard Desormiers
Our trucks arriving on our base camp for the first time
Richard Walters, recuperating in a Japan Hospital after getting shot outside of  Tay Ninh, on a road detail.

Land Mine