TAY NINH  8/66-5/67
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Ron Younger   "The Duty "
Ron Younger            Darwin Wendt
Serge Lepine
Dave Wilson    Ron Younger
Russell Goetz
Percy Spence

Curtis Thompson
David Vekaryaz
Richard Desormiers
John Bayne
Walter Schellenberg
     A Special Thank you, to
              Ron Younger
for most of the following pictures

William Morris text.
  Gary Hunt              Sam Lococo      Carl Zimmerman     Robert Yost
                                     Leaving for R@R to Japan
Lt. Charles Buddenhagen
Ed Smith
Picture from 196th L.I.B. Yearbook   Vietnam  "The Second Year" 1966-1967
John Tachco, Gary Vance, Robert Gill
Roger Tyson
Ron Titus
3rd sq.  1st Platoon