TAY NINH  pg. 1A
The back gate of the base camp, 175th convoy of trucks  waiting to head out
                                           to the Laterite Pit
Outside the back gate of camp
The Garbage Dump, outside of the back gate
On the way into the Laterite Pit
Water purification truck at the pit
Setting up the  water  pumps.  The other side of the river is Cambodia
Ron Titus, filing cans for the locals  for used of making ice.
Building an airstrip in Cu Chi, helping the 65th Engineers
The back gate of base camp  James Bowers
The wire cage to the right was used for prisoners
Trying hard, to get them sandbags  done before dark
              Laying down foundation for a quonset hut
      Ron Titus, doing the heavy work , (R) Pettis  (L) Vekaryasz
    Thank you, 507 Engineers for the used of your cement truck
Tay Ninh Sunset